Having a place for pictures, documents and items special to loved ones is an important start on the long and rocky road of grief.

By donating our unique hand made memory boxes to childcare centric medical organisations and bereavment support workers we hope to give as many families in the UK as possible somewhere to place their special pictures and treasured items in for the future.

Who uses our boxes ? ...

The boxes are a much used tool by professionals, bereavement councillors and organisations as part of the support and help they provide bereaved families.

 The Trust currently offers boxes free of charge to a number of Childrens Hospices, bereavement charities and UK Hospitals . It aims to continue to expand the number of organisations it provides boxes too in the coming year. Click here to see just some of the people we currently supply boxes too, how they use them and the value they bring.

Who makes our boxes ?.....

Bletchley based
G Ryder & Co make our boxes with love and care. By appointment to Her Majesty the Queen as specialist box makers Ryder & Co have allowed the trust to design a custom box allowing families to personalise the outside to make it unique to their family. 

If you need a box or wish to purchase one please get in touch with us.
Each box is £10 + £4 p&p. We are more than happy for you to collect in person from a number of locations across the country.

Our boxes can also be used for happier occasions and make great gifts as keepsake boxes for new born babies or gift boxes for weddings or presents where you wish to add a photo or special message to the box and any appropriate decorations of your choice.

 All proceeds from sold boxes go straight to funding more boxes for bereaved families in their time of need.