Below is just a small selection of quotes and testimonials from some of the organisations who accept our boxes and use them to help bereaved families.

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The Memory boxes are a really useful resource  - they have been of great help to us in our work with bereaved children.  They have provided  for a genuinely positive place to keep and store items that promote special memories and have particular significance to children in maintaining a connection with their loved one who has died. We have observed that when children  put items such as  photographs, personal belongings, letters and other treasures into such  well crafted, attractive and specially made boxes the whole process becomes more of an unique and valuable occasion and helps the children to understand how important and sustaining their particular special memories can be. 

'J' - Social work team manager - Hope House




The Memory Boxes have become an invaluable source of comfort, inspiration and creativity for our families, both current and bereaved families .... and this has been families in the widest possible sense, with parents, grandparents, and brothers and sisters (of all ages) coming to treasure the boxes which they put together as a lasting and living memory of the child they have lost.

There is always that initial feeling of ‘what a great idea' when the boxes are introduced to families, and starts them off on the process of beginning to think about how and in what ways they would want to remember their child. It is often something that they have thought about doing but have never been able to fully conceptualise how they could do so practically ... and then this is further augmented by the simplicity, yet quality of the boxes themselves.

After a child has died in the hospice we will offer the family the opportunity for us to make hand prints and hair locks, which we put into presentation folders. These often form the starting point for bereaved families gathering memorable items together.... and there is something special about visiting a family later on in their journey to see how they have decorated the boxes ... filled them with memories ... and hold them in a way that shows they are treasured.

And this applies to young children who paint and apply stickers ... right through to some grandparents (both 92+) who displayed the same emotion and comfort from being able to do the same ...

But it is not just bereaved families ... for families whose child is here for end of life care ... probably the most difficult time they will ever know ... the provision of a box gives them the strength and inspiration to capture as many memories of that time as they can ... knowing just how precious those moments are ... told through photographs .... stories ... wee soft toys ... and a multitude of other remembering items ...

And so in a small way ... through the provision of one, crafted and valued Memory Box ... Daniel's memory lives in by making a difference to the lives of some many other families as they struggle to ensure that the memories of their child are never lost ..... Thank you ..

'D', Community Team Manager - Acorns Children's Hospice, Selly Oak.


Grief is not about forgetting who has died, but about finding ways to remember them and taking their memory forward, it can though, be difficult for children to hold onto their memories and that's where the memory boxes that The Daniel Estick Trust so kindly donate to us are invaluable.

Creating a memory box can be a sad thing to do but it can also be a happy time giving a child the chance to reflect and remember; helping them to form their own special thoughts.

Memory Boxes help children hold onto memories of a relative or friend who is ill or who may have died; they are also a way of helping families to talk at such a difficult time and give children a sense of control as to which memories they want to share and with whom.

Children decorate the boxes in whatever way they wish, by attaching a photograph or by brightly colouring the box. The box then becomes a "treasure trove" of special memories and enables them to share their thoughts with other people they trust and feel safe with. A Memory Box can open conversations, allowing the child to talk about things that have not been said previously for fear of upsetting mum or dad or someone close.

They can choose to put all sorts of items into a memory box such as jewellery, photos, cards, cinema tickets, small items of clothing, perfume, sea shells, drawings or letters and it can be added to as and when they wish. Making the decision as to what to put in can be overwhelming and that's where our volunteers from the Family Support Service can help them to decide. Depending on the age of the child they may want to look through their memory box alone and remember, or they may want to have a parent or relative with them to share the memories. Some of the memories may make the child laugh or cry this is all part of the process of remembering who they have lost.

I would like to say a huge thank you to The Daniel Estick Trust for supporting us in the work that we do with children pre and post bereavement, the benefits to families is beyond words.

'S', Social Care Manager, Willen Hospice




Parents have commented on these special Memory Boxes in which they can keep the treasured memories of their lost child. At a time of profound grief, parents appreciate this generous gift of a Memory Box. On behalf of those parents I want to say thank you. 

'U': co founder, Milton Keynes Bereaved Parents Support Group



Thanks to The Daniel Estick Trusts wonderful work, here at the Forget Me Not Children's Hospice, we are able to offer our families, a beautifully made box, which they can fill with love, memories and mementoes. Sometimes to be shared, other times to remain private. Sometimes to be decorated, other times to remain simple.

Always however, a precious holding space, for scattered possessions and times to be remembered, a focus and the balance between the pain of the loss, and the joy of the life.

So much more than a box, filled full of love it can become a true family treasure.

'L', Family Support Team Leader, The Forget me not Trust Childrens Hospice, Huddersfield.




"We offer memory boxes to children and young people to begin to use at the time of their brother or sister's death.  Children often like to decorate their boxes before choosing special toys, photos and items to go in them.  This can give them something positive to concentrate on at a very difficult time and is often a time when they feel at ease to share any questions, worries or fears they may have as I sit alongside them in the hospice or at home.

The boxes also help children share stories and memories about their sibling with family and friends as well as teachers and other professionals.  I visited a young girl a few weeks after the death of her brother and the first thing she wanted to show me was her memory box that she had put together.  She was able to use the things in the box to help talk about her relationship with her brother, the happy times, the sad times and the more difficult times.

Having the support from the Daniel Estick Trust allows us to offer more memory boxes to children, young people and families giving them a special place to keep their memories safe"

'J', Sibling Support Worker, Naomi House and jacksplace, Winchester